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25 Sycamore Avenue, Waterford City, Waterford Waterford City Property Semi Detached Houses Townhouses
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3 Bed Semi Detached House Ideally located close to all amenities contact for further photos. ...

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5 The Bungalows, Waterford City, Waterford Waterford City Property End of Terraces
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Centrally located 7 bedroom semi detached property. It is located within walking distance of Supervalue Hyper ...

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Waterford City Area Description

Waterford (from the Old Norse: Vedrafjord meaning ram fjord or "windy fjord" Irish: Port Láirge meaning "Lárag's port") is the primary city of the South East region of Ireland. Founded in 914 AD by the Vikings, it is the country's oldest city and its fifth largest. The city is situated at the head of Waterford Harbour (Loch Dá Chaoch/Cuan Phort Láirge). The city motto Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia ("Waterford remains the untaken city") was granted by King Henry VII of England in 1497 after Waterford refused to recognise the claims of the pretenders Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck to the English throne.

Waterford was subjected to two sieges in 1649 and 1650, during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. It withstood the first siege but surrendered during the second siege to Henry Ireton on 6 August 1650.

Reginald's Tower is the oldest urban civic building in Ireland, and the oldest monument to retain its Viking name. To this day, it remains Waterford's most recognisable landmark. It is believed to be the first building in Ireland to use mortar.

The population of the city in 2006 was 49,240; of which 45,775 lived within the city limits, and 3,465 lived in the suburbs in County Kilkenny.

The River Suir, which flows through Waterford city, has provided a basis for its long maritime history. The place where the Nore and the Barrow join the River Suir downriver from Waterford is known in Irish as Cumar na dTrí Uisce ("the confluence of the three waters"). Waterford Port has been one of Ireland's major ports for over a millennium. In the 19th century shipbuilding was a major industry. The owners of the Neptune Shipyard, the Malcomson family, built and operated the largest fleet of iron steamers in the world between the mid-1850s and the late-1860s, including five trans-Atlantic passenger liners.

Today, Waterford is synonymous with Waterford Crystal the world over, a legacy of one of the city's most successful and enduring industries, glass making. Glass, or crystal, has been manufactured in the city since 1783 until early 2009 [5]. Waterford is the sister city of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador and Rochester, New York.

Viking raiders first established a settlement at Waterford in 853. Waterford and all the other longphorts were vacated in 902, the Vikings having been driven out by the native Irish. The Vikings re-established themselves in Ireland at Waterford in 914 and built what would be Ireland's first city. A list of the city's rulers from this date to the mayors of the present day can be found in Rulers of Waterford.

Source : Wikipedia.org

Waterford City House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2018-09-12 3 Wadding Row, St Johns Park, Waterford € 182000
2018-09-12 43 Closegate, Waterford, Waterford € 125000
2018-09-11 St Annes, Bernard Place, Waterford € 182000
2018-09-10 St Annes, Philip St, Waterford City € 120000
2018-09-07 16 St Margarets Ave, Waterford, Waterford € 110000
2018-09-07 23 O'Connell Court, Penrose Lane, Waterford City. € 70000
2018-09-04 21 Strawberry Hill, Waterford € 90000
2018-09-04 6 Balcea House, Oaddy Brownes Rd, Waterford € 76500
2018-08-31 40 Ardkeen Woods, Ardkeen, Waterford € 139000
2018-08-31 Corner Cottage, Summerville Ave, Waterford € 369000
2018-08-31 Mount Carmel, Grantstown, Waterford € 460000
2018-08-30 11 Patricks Sq, Barker St, Waterford € 66500
2018-08-30 13 Patrick'S Square, Barker Street, Waterford € 66500
2018-08-29 315 Railway Sq, Manor St, Waterford € 93000
2018-08-28 12 Blenheim Heights, Waterford, Waterford € 315000
2018-08-28 13 Nore House, Canada Sq, Waterford € 88000
2018-08-27 312 The Infirmary, Johns Hill, Waterford City € 115000
2018-08-24 321 St Johns Park, Waterford, Waterford € 104000
2018-08-24 42 Bowefield, Garcedieu, Waterford City € 220000
2018-08-24 Amber Hill, Kilmeaden, Waterford € 350000
2018-08-17 13 Montrose Drive, Foxwood, Waterford € 239181
2018-08-17 14 The Anchorage, Williamstown Rd, Waterford € 510000
2018-08-16 22 Appian Close, Ardkeen Village, Waterford € 213000
2018-08-16 22 Briot Dr, Templers Hall, Waterford € 165000
2018-08-16 34 Slievekeale Rd, Waterford, Waterford € 120000
2018-08-15 22 Holly Walk, Templers Hall, Waterford € 125000
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